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10 Feb migration to canada
Author: sreejith nair

Canada Immigration pathway 

Hi Friends,
There are many people who contact us for enquiring about Canada immigration. I am trying to give a brief picture about various methods of immigration to Canada. This is based on the best of our knowledge, feel free to clarify or clear doubts. I will try to clear them if I know, else I will explore and let you know. Hope this will be helpful to at least a few. 


First of all, I am not an agent and I will not be able to suggest an agent. If you have any doubts or anything you want to add upon feel free to write a comment in pur group  connecting health care professionals .

To attain a dream about coming to Canada you will have 3 options. 

• Canadian Permanent residency: Through express entry under federal skilled worker, federal skilled trade, business class.
Nurses and other healthcare professionals comes under federal skilled worker category. It is based on a point system called Comprehensive Ranking System. Based on factors such as
o age of primary applicant based on age score varies(0-100 score if married, 0-110 score if unmarried).
o marital status
o education (need to do WES credential education)-Based on education score varies from 28-140.
o English language proficiency (general IELTS) calculated as CLB points preferably good score of listening-8,Rest three-7
o French language proficiency if any(not must)
o Canadian experience
o If married spouse education( if points need to be calculated WES credentialing should be done).score between (0-10)
o Spouse language proficiency. (general IELTS must)a score between 0-5.
o Skill transferability factors
If good language score with post secondary education-score between 0-50.
o Work experience with good language score ranges between 0-50.
o Additional points for arranged employment, siblings or family in Canada and Provincial nomination program*
o For further details please check this link
https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/immigrate-canada/express-entry/eligibility/criteria-comprehensive-ranking-system/grid.html Important points: 

1. If you have a Master’s degree or more and with IELTS Score in general Listening-8,Rest three-7 express entry PR is the best option. If you have masters but low IELTS Score improve IELTS till you get this score.

2. If you have a Bachelor degree you can still apply but try for a* provincial nomination program (Nova Scotia or Manitoba are frequently opening for nurses). Concern with this PNP program is they may be open only for a short period of time like 24hrs. So within that period you need to have all documents ready including your proof of fund (7lakh if one person).

3. If you are an electrician or plumber or any other individual from a trade occupation you can apply for federal skilled trade. Advantage is you need not undergo WES credential assessment and IELTS score needed will be less than a federal skilled worker category.

• Quebec skilled worker immigration program

o If you have Bachelor degree and won’t be able to apply under PNP due to any reason, but willing to learn French and write an exam in French you can apply for this category. You need to sign a contract mentioning that you are planning to settle in Quebec. There are many people who relocate soon after coming to Quebec to other provinces of Canada. But I strongly recommend to stay there for minimum 1year as through unreliable sources that if you don’t do that there will be issues while you renew the PR Status.
Please find the link on criteria for Quebec immigration which changed recently

• Student visa 

Canada is a country who provide better education and welcome international students. Student visa often comes with 20hrs work permit during the course time. It also allows the students stay back period based on the study period of course. Requirements are academic IELTS score 6.5minimum on all areas. You need to show fund for the course fees and other expenses. Advantage is after you finish study and work permit you will get more score under express entry as you have Canadian education and work experience. Disadvantage is it is a long process to PR Status, need more money (bank loans are available) and need to write general IELTS again for PR application.
Please find the link on details
Important point

1. You can bring your spouse on temporary residence visa even the child. Only thing is you need to apply temporary visa for them separately.
Thanking you for reading this patiently. Hope this info helps. For further more please join our fb group connecting health care professionals and like our page cleardoor.  


A special thanks to Anju Vineeth to share this content.

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