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If you hold current registration in Ireland with work experience more than 12 months in ireland and meet the Nursing Council registration standards, you may apply to practice in New Zealand.

BEFORE starting your application, please read the information 

Nursing Council Standards

To be eligible to register there are seven standards for registration that you must meet to make sure you are safe, competent and prepared to nurse in New Zealand. Documents required to complete  these standards is described in the CGFNS Applicant Portal mentioned at the end .


You must be able to prove that you are who you say you are.

2.English lanuguge.

Waiver(Applicable for candidates who are working in ireland ,uk,usa,canada for more than 12 months )

During the process of having your credentials documentation verified, if you are eligible you will be invited to apply for a English language waiver.

If you completed your nursing education and are registered as a nurse in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada or the United States of America, you can request a waiver of the English language standard.

If you registered and practised in one of the above countries and you had to complete an English language test to gain registration, you may also apply for a waiver of the English language standard.

Please note: that your waiver request may not be approved. You may instead be required to 

submit evidence of meeting the English language standards.

English language exam is however required when you apply for any forms of visa for australia including TSS,189 and 190.your english language should be valid up until you lodge for your visa,The higher the score the higher your points for applying for pr and obtaining it faster.Having said that you only need competent english for TSS visa(same like critical skills visa valid for 2 yrs).competent english requirements are as follows

IELTS :atleast 5 in each test component

OET:atleast B for each test component

TOFEL:35 overall and atleast 4 in each test module

PTE:atleast 36 in each test module

CAE:atleast 154 in each test module

3.Current registration

You must have been registered / licensed as a nurse in the country where you received your nursing education, and also hold current registration / license (in that or another country). You must also provide verification of good standing from all countries you have been and are registerd with.ent registration.Please provide verification from nursing council in which your registration is expired.

4.nursing qualification

Your nursing qualification must be comparable to a Bachelor of Nursing degree in New Zealand.General Nursing done in India is not accepted unfortunately.

A Bachelor degree is at level 7 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

Education programme standards

Your nursing qualification(s) will be assessed for comparability with the New Zealand programme standards:

 The programme must identify the expected learning outcomes for each course and how these learning outcomes are met and assessed

The programme must also show how nursing knowledge and skills are expanded and extended across the duration of the programme

50% of the theory hours must have a clear nursing focus.

If your programme does not contain enough theory and clinical experience, or the theory content is not comparable to New Zealand content in specific areas of nursing, then a condition may be added to your scope of practice.


Nursing qualifications gained after registration( eg:post basic bsc in india)

They will consider nursing qualifications or papers completed at graduate level when assessing your qualification(s). We are looking to see that you have further developed your knowledge from your initial qualification to be comparable with level 7 or above on the NZQF.

They will also consider evidence of professional development completed post registration that is relevant to nursing practice.

5.Post registration experience

You must be able to provide evidence that you have practised nursing for at least two years (including 2,500 hours) within the last five years.of which 12 months should be in ireland and should be your current place of practice NOTE: if you have no post registration experience at all, you are not eligible to apply for registration.

6.Fitness to practice

You must be able to demonstrate you are fit for registration. You are required to complete an International Criminal History Check for every country you have lived in for 12 months or more over the last 10 years.This has to be done again afetr appkying for australian registration.Criminal history done for nz is not aplicable fo australia.

You will be advised when to apply for these checks during the application process.

7.competence to practice

If you hold current registration in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, the United States of America or Canada, you may not need to complete a CAP because the registered nurse role and healthcare context in these countries is similar to New Zealand. We will advise you if you need to complete a competence assessment programme after we assess your application.

Registration Costs

$300 (USD)  -    CGFNS credentials verification service fee.This fee is separate from the NCNZ’s $485NZ registration application fee.

$485 (NZD)  -    Nursing Council application and processing fee

Other related costs (set by each provider) may include:

International Criminal History Check fee: $149 (AUD).this is for each country seperatly.

All fees paid are non-refundable.

Once you have read the standards of registration and if you meet the 7 standards you can apply for the registration in the link below.Internationally Qualified Nurse who wishes to practice in New Zealand, must first apply to The Credentials Verification Service for the Nursing Council of New Zealand (CVS-NCNZ) at CGFNS International, Inc.(earlier this was done directly by the nursing council)

It’s a secure and direct method for internationally qualified nurses (except for those licensed in Australia) to have their credentials verified and authenticated.

The process is designed to determine that you are who you say you are and that your education and work experience are true and satisfy the requirements of the NCNZ.

             CGFNS International verifies and authenticates your identity documents, academic and professional credentials, and nursing employment. We then prepare a report, which you must review and authorize before we can send it to the NCNZ. Once the NCNZ receives the report, you will then be invited to apply for registration with the NCNZ.

How long will this process take?

Credentials verification will take approximately 30 days once all required documentation has been received by CGFNS. The Nursing Council assessment and registration process is then expected to take up to 30 days once you have responded to their invitation to apply.

PLEASE NOTE:you do not need to complete the CGFNS exam for this

Described below is a possible scenario to help you understand the entire process more easily

Rose is a nurse working in ireland of indian nationality.She is working in a nursing home for past 12 months.She did her bsc nursing from karnataka in india.Rose has worked in karnataka for one year.Rose has registration with nursing council of karnataka.Rose also worked in kerala in india for 1 year and registerd with kerala nursing council.Rose has lived in uae for one year but have not worked there.Rose wishes to apply for nz registration .

Rose realises her IELTS is still valid for another year .However she understands that by the time she gets australia registration her IELTS will be expired.Hence rose decided to write IELTS despite being eligible for english language waver programme .however she decides to wait till last stages of process so as not to waste the validity of IELTS.

Rose now starts to apply for the registration.she first contacts her person in charge in ireland for a reference letter in the required format.she also collected the same from karnataka and kerala where she worked in the past.She also requested NMBI ,kerala nursing council,karnataka nursing council for verification letters.rose went to the my accounts section of NMBI to apply for her verification(under the heading ccps)NMBI took a month to send the verification for rose.she could not track it  as NMBI sends it via regular post.When rose enquired if they could send it via registerd post if she pays them, NMBI refused.Hence rose waited patiently.Rose made sure to contact the new zealand nursing council to check if they received verification from NMBI.Now Rose applied for karnataka nursing council verfication by applying online.Karnataka nursing council requires the person to go personally for them to send verification.Hence Rose decided to go to the nursing council to submit required forms for them to fill.Rose also applied for kerala nursing council registration verification via their website and she sent the documents through post.

Rose now contacted her nursing college to fill the required form and also asked them to send in copy of transcript,sylabus,mark list of 4 years which are duely certified(attested)by the dean/principal of the college.She also requested them to send in proof regarding INC recognition for entire duration of study to CGFNS.the college informed Rose that her marklists of all years has proof of this.

Rose now logs in creats account in the CGFNS portal and upload the profesional references certified by notary(can also certify from solicitor or commisioner of oath-commisioner of oath is free of very affordable in comparison to other two.can find info about them in citizens information center)

Rose after uplading all documents pays the fees and awaits till she hear from the CGFNS team or the nursing council of newzealand.After 65 days Rose was contacted by nursing council of newzealand asking to do criminal check .Since rose has lived in uae for a yr she had to do the criminal check from uae,india and ireland.this was done by an independent vendor link send by the nursing council after paying took 1 day for india and ireland however it took 20 days from uae(you are to contact the vendor if it does not get done in 20 days).

upon completing criminal check Rose mailed the nursing council that it is finished,They replied back saying they will contact her in a months time with finalised result.However Rose was conatacted in a week granting her the registration of nursing council of newzealand.

Rose now decided to apply for australian registration by trans tasman mutual recognition at.(pls find the link attached below to download form)

Rose fills out the form and attaches all documents required and send it via registerd post to AHPRA.While filling out form Rose was confused with address to mention.But she understood she only need to mention her ireland adress in all the place and not the address in her passport,or the address of her workplace.Rose had to do criminal check again for australia.Rose was granted Australian registration in 5 weeks by AHPRA.

In the meantime rose decided to give ielts exam and succesfully completed the exam.

Now rose understood she has to apply for Australian PR.For that she had to acess her skills from ANMAC .She applied for ANMAC modified skill asessment.(please see the link attached to download.(fees applicable)

Rose had to submit  professional refrence sin specified format from all employers and certificate of good standing from all nursing councils she is registerd with(both active and exprired).Rose did aptitude test from RCSI when she arrived in ireland.Rose requested NMBI to issue her a letter stating she completed osce on(date) in RCSI which helped her gain registration with NMBI on a letterhead signed and sealed.Rose had to upload this letter along with other documents mentioned.Rose now waits till anmac assesment is completed.Rose was issued Letter of decision (LOD)after 9 weeks.

Now Rose can apply for pr 189 or 190 as required.


1.When going to getting professional reference for new zealand get the refrence for Anmac as well so you dont have to go again follow up with nursing councils if they have send the goodstanding to ANMAC and not AHPRA.

3.Get back the professional references back from new zealand nursing council by mailig them as you might need it i future while applying for job.

4.Always send post via registerd post only so you can track it.

5.If you are in aged care and just about to start this process and wants to get job in hospital in australia pls move to hospital (try to move to hospitals which gives u reference in 6 months,soalta,ul gives refernce only after one year) so you have recent practice of acute care. are required to submit two id proof for trans tasman mutaual recognition is passport .another is driving license of irelan as you have to proove your ireland address.Learners permit is aceptable.No other documents listed by them can be produced by person who is in if you do not have driving license please tale permit.Recenty AHPRA been asking some applicants to submit additional documents ad id proof.Do mail them and inform them the reason for not able to produce the document.







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