Motivate Your Employees Like A Pro. Follow this 9 Simple steps to become Successful Manager

Motivate Your Employees Like A Pro. Follow this 9 Simple steps to become Successful Manager

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Motivate Your Employees Like A Pro. Follow this 9 Simple steps to become Successful Manager

04 Mar Employees
Author: sreejith nair

How to Motivate Employees? Follow this 9 simple steps to become successful Manager, 


1.Respect -When i write this blog a famous Quote comes to my mind - "I was raised to treat the Janitor with the same Respect as the CEO”. One thing we have to understand is - No one likes to be talked down No matter what their position is in any institution. We might be in more superior role at work but once out of the door every person lives a fruitful life and they are successful in their own life. Employee deserves full respect as ourselves. Next day when you walk down the corridor and see your Janitor/Lift Operator / Security working, Just take that extra Second to Greet them – “ Good Morning” and you will see their Eyes Lit up with Life.


2. Grow their Knowledge & Skills – When I do Interviews, I personally prefer Psychometric interviews. It gives me better insight into a candidates attitude (Any dead duck can hold a fancy degree). But having a RIGHT ATTITUDE counts - without proper attitude no person will succeed in any role. Once you hire the right person its then the time to invest in them. I call it as an Investment- We as managers have to invest our time, energy and skills to develop the workforce. Think like nurturing a plant from a seedling.It will take wee bit of time to sprout but believe me once they are on the right path they will Grow Indefinitely.


3.Communicate – As a Manager you have to maintain Open Communication . Let it be Small / Big thing they are saying, if an employee feels they are been listened to , You can see how their confidence grows and also you will achieve amazing results. Everyone Human prefers to be listened to. As a Manager be a Good listener, DO NOT RUSH take your time when speaking with them. Because they are your Army, Without them you cannot conquer anything.


4. Appreciation – Let it be BIG/Small thing they have accomplished, Every simple Gesture, a Wee Thumbs Up , a Pat on the Back counts. It will enable a young professional feel valued in the team. End of the day everyone wants to perform their best if they feel valued and appreciated.


5. Trust – This 5 Letter word TRUST works wonder when you know how to implement it. TRUST works both ways – Manager – Employee and Employee - Manager . Once both parties understand , believes in eachother and have a common goal in mind then together can achieve great results. Never Micromanage - Set SMART /specific goals and trust your employee to finish the task.


6. Delegation – Everyone talks about Delegation – True Art of delegation is when you identify who you can effectively delegate it to. Not everyone is suitable to carry out specific tasks. As a manager you need to assess Strengths and Weakness of your team and substitute efficiently. Think as a manager in a soccer game when someone in mid field is off form, Manager will assess the situation and delegate someone else to perform the task.


7. Feedback – Staff needs Validation,Reinforcement, feedback of their own work. Every Human is a constant assessor of his/her own work but when an external personal gives them a Non Biased True Feedback , It reinforces their sense of accomplishment


8. Have Great Craic – Creating a Positive Environment is essential. Money is not a factor to motivate people. If that’s your mindset then you practically wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this blog. The important thing which matters most people to wake up in the morning and to come for work is the Environment. If you Foster Positivity at work place – People will become much more productive. Negativity , Gossip or Foul talk will kill a work place.


9.Team – End of the day you are only good as your Team. With out your team you don’t have anyone else to manage. I always use the analogy that every staff members are like branches of a Tree. Everyone plays an integral part in the team , Abundance or Shortage of one branch can offset the Whole Tree. Let it be a 100 year old Pepil Tree or a Small plant. End of the day we all have different roles to play ,Some roles might be physically tough , some might be mentally draining but end of the day if every person realise their own potential & play their part, Then True magic happens.


Moreover Have A Big Beautiful Smile On Your Face. Life is Too Short So Enjoy Every Minute. End of the Day No One wants to work for a Grumpy Boss :) 



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Author - Sree Nair - Neighbourhood For Professionals


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