About us

A trusted recruiting partner

Hirehood Recruitment is a recruiting and search firm that specializes in providing top -notch Management, Nursing, HealthCare Talent. We provide best -in-class talent to companies seeking to attract and retain the best employees, simplify their recruiting process, increase efficiency and optimize productivity.

Our Mission

We have a two-fold mission. We help companies hire the best Management, Nursing & healthcare staff to help meet organizational goals and cultivate a highly engaged, productive workforce. We also help job seekers find fulfilling employment with awesome companies.


We provide customized recruiting and consulting services.


  1. Requisition management
  2. Position & candidate profiling
  3. Sourcing resumes
  4. Writing and placing job postings
  5. Shortlisting candidates
  6. Screening and interviewing candidates
  1. Candidate assessment
  2. Coordinating interviews and Debriefing
  3. Candidate dispositioning and Updates
  4. Applicant tracking
  5. Job offer and Salary negotiation
  1. Offer letter and new hire paperwork
  2. Visa processing & initial arrangement
  3. New hire airport pick up, arranging initial accommodation(optional)
  4. Overseas recruitment fairs(optional)

Our Clients

Brookhaven HealthCare
Ealga Lodge Nursing Home
St Attracta's
Claremount Nursing Home
Ditchley Care
Castleturvin House